7 Myths About Cellulite

In the modern world we live in we are constantly reading new theories and hearing about new cures for cellulite. It can be a little overwhelming at times, and it is difficult to know what is accurate. If you suffer from cellulite, you will probably be constantly on the lookout for new ways to solve your cellulite problem. Allow us to point out 7 Myths about Cellulite, which will hopefully assist you in making the correct decisions going forward.

Myth #1 – Cellulite is extra fat

This is definitely not correct, as cellulite actually has more to do with the structure of your skin than just excess fat in your body. Everybody has a layer of fat beneath their skin, and there are a range of factors which cause this layer of fat to start pushing into the skin. This is what makes your skin look like dimples.

Myth #2 – Losing weight will cure your cellulite problem

Often, cellulite problems are caused by connective tissue that has been damaged, rather than just being purely about fat. If this is the case, losing body weight won’t make any difference at all.

Myth #3 – The latest product on the market will solve all your problems

As you will by now know, cellulite is a problem that occurs beneath the skin and so rubbing a cream or lotion on your skin is very unlikely to solve the problem. Be wary of spending weeks and weeks running using a cream, and spending all of your hard earned cash, when there are no guaranteed results.

Myth #4 – Only women who are getting old will get cellulite

Firstly, men can actually suffer from cellulite problems, although it isn’t all that common. Secondly, you can get cellulite at any age, it is just more common as you get older because your skin starts to lose its strength and elasticity.

Myth #5 – If you are thin, you won’t get cellulite

This is definitely not true. Factors like aging, and sun damage, as well as weight fluctuations can impact on the severity of cellulite in women of all shapes and sizes.

Myth #6 – Cellulite is genetic

Genetics do play a small role in determining whether you might suffer from cellulite, but other factors like diet, hormones, and weight can play a much bigger role.

Myth #7 – There is no way to avoid cellulite

This is definitely not the case, as there are certainly some excellent and natural ways to limit the problem, and to keep those dimples at bay.

Hopefully these 7 Myths about Cellulite have helped to put your mind at ease a little about your cellulite concerns. Your best bet is to consult a professional, and get some expert advice.