Cellulite Causes

What are the causes of cellulite development of manifestation? Having cellulite does not mean you are fat and overweight because even thin people develop cellulite. This question has not been fully understood yet in the medical world but there are many theories presented as factors or causes in the development of cellulite.

Change In Body Metabolism

Process of metabolism establishes the rate which we burn our calories, or it measures how fast we gain weight and how fast we lose weight. As women grow older there is a change in their body metabolism oftentimes making it very slow to lose weight.

Hormonal Factor

Hormones play an important role in cellulite development. It is believed that estrogen, insulin, non adrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin forms part of the causes in cellulite development. As women grow older, there is a noted drop in estrogen which causes weak collagen and leads to cellulite formation.   This however is the opposite in the case of younger women. Younger women develop cellulite due to too much estrogen i

Genetic Factor

There are genes required for cellulite development. Cellulite development may depend on an individual’s composition of genes. It may vary depending on gender, race, and age. Cellulite is likewise hereditary. So if you have relatives who has this kind of problem it is more likely that you will also develop cellulite because it is because cellulite formation is believed to be hereditary. Not only fat people develop cellulite, even thin or skinny people develop cellulite too.

Lifestyle Factor

Cellulite formation maybe more often developed in people whose lifestyle does not require constant movement, which means lack of physical activity, or no exercise at all, those who sit or stand for long periods of time, smokers, alcoholic drinkers. A stressed out or complicated lifestyle is also believed to be a cause of cellulite formation. A person with high stressed life style has an increased level of catecholamines which are associated and linked with the formation of cellulites. Therefore it is very important that stress levels be controlled at all times to avoid cellulite formation.

Diet Factor

People who eat too much fat, carbohydrates, salt and too little fiber have a higher tendency for cellulite development and formation. Cut down on refined and processed foods, artificial foods that contain sweeteners, additives, and chemicals. Avoid dairy and high fat products, sugar and high sugar products because they are thought to be big factors in cellulite development.   Fad diet also contributes to cellulite formation and development too, dieting too much or dieting too hard. Dieting too much will cause a disruption on your body metabolism function and has been believed to result in cellulite formation.

Clothing Factor

Wearing tight underwear constricts the blood flow around the butt and thigh which hastens the development of cellulite formation. Stick to thongs, loose underwear or even go without underwear if you are comfortable with it because it is healthy. Avoid underwear with tight elastics across the buttocks because it limits the blood flow and contributes to cellulite formation.

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